Beat Making Videos

Beat Making Videos

Watch the top Hip-Hop beat making videos (prod. by TCustomz) below

Making original instrumentals and sample-based Hip Hop beats step-by-step! How to make beats from scratch and flip samples with Ableton Live, Akai MPD32, Akai MPK49 and Kurzweil Mark 10 digital piano - including the drums, chords, lead melodies, supporting instrumentation, bassline, sound effects, transitions and more. Styles include: classic Hip-Hop, 90s/2000s east coast, boom bap, new school, old school, soulful beats and more! Download all sound kits used in these beat making videos and buy the full-length instrumentals here! New videos uploaded weekly. .

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  • Smooth piano Hip Hop beat in Ableton Live 9 using all Ableton instruments, sounds and effects. (90 BPM)
  • Title: "Dream Chasin" Download & Purchase Beat
  • Instruments Used: Piano, Rhodes, Strings & Orchestra, Bass, Lead Synths, Piccolo, Kick, Clap, Hi Hats, Cymbals, SFX & more.
  • East Coast Storytelling Hip-Hop beat making video. (85 BPM)
  • Title: "Sound of the City" Download & Purchase Beat
  • Instruments Used: Piano, Strings, Rhodes, Filtered Drum Break, Kick, Snare, Hi Hats, Shakers, SFX, Vox, Lead Synth, Guitar, Bass line (Bass Sample Pack), Organ, Choir, Transitions & more.

  • Making a deep inspiring cinematic HipHop instrumental. (90 BPM)
  • Title: "Road to Greatness" Download & Purchase Beat
  • Instruments Used: Electric Keys, Rhodes, Filtered Piano, Strings, Kick, Snare/Clap, Hi Hat break, Cymbals, Bassline (Bass Sample Pack), SFX, Vocal stabs (Vox Kit V2), Choir, Rides & Transitions.
  • 70s soulful sample beat making video, sampling soul. (89 BPM)
  • Title: "Back At It" Download & Purchase Beat
  • Instruments Used: Sample (chopped, pitched and filtered), Kick, Clap/snare, Crash, Reverse, Shakers, Percussion, Sub-bass (Bass Sample Pack), Strings, Vox samples, SFX, Transitions & Chimes.

  • Soul sample 2000s boom bap beat making video. (84 BPM)
  • Title: "Count Me Out" Download & Purchase Beat
  • Instruments Used: Chopped sample (HPF & pitched down), Kick, Snare, Shakers, Crashes, Sample SFX, Strings, Sub-bass, Vocal samples, Transitional FX & Chimes.
  • 80s soul sampling, making a soulful hip hop beat.(89 BPM)
  • Title: "Magic Moment" Download & Purchase Beat
  • Instruments Used: Pitched and filtered sample chops, Kick, Clap, HiHats, Cymbal, Sub-bassline (Bass Sample Pack), Vox, SFX samples, Strings, Brass & Transitions.