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Testimonials from Our Happy Clients & Fans!

TCustomz has developed a reputation as a talented producer and a skilled beatsmith able to provide industry-quality tracks on any budget. He has earned the respect of his peers, the loyalty of his customers, and the praise of many noted artists and professionals.

-- SuperStar O review on TCustomz Vox Kit Vol. 1

-- Kali Muscle, Actor and Bodybuilder

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-- Oun-P, Recording Artist

DJ KaySlay spins "Like Dre" record (prod. by TCustomz) on Hot 97

-- DJ TKO and DJ UNIEK, Beatz & Pieces Radio show

Interesting how the first place i ever went for beats, still is one i keep looking for. Beats which set the basement for classics!

-- Juellz, Recording Artist

TCustomz's beats are always a cut above the rest. The production is pristine and the levels allow proper mix placement, better than any others I've heard. Always original and most importantly the sounds are always on FIRE! Keep up the profound work!

-- Real-Flo, Blue Tape Records

As a producer, not only do I enjoy making music, I also enjoy listening to others, especially other producers to get inspired from. TCustomz is one of those producers I always like to check up on when I need to get inspired. In a time when trap beats and dance beats consume the mainstream market, his beats are like a home cooked meal. T's beats have a soulful feel to them, perfect for up and coming artists to share thought provoking lyrics to. Some advice for artists who may be reading this, there is nothing wrong using mainstream beats that are popular right now, but add some of 'Customz' healthy beats to your project, and they can take your mixtape or album to the next level! Check for him!!

-- Jehf Slaps , Music Producer is THE go-to site for classic Hip Hop instrumentals. My debut mixtape will feature quite a few of their beats. They conduct business in a professional manner and always put the customer first.

-- Dustin Chance, Recording Artist

Much appreciation to the TCustomz Productionz team. Originality and hard work are what characterize greatness in the arts, and TCustomz has embedded himself into the internet beat production scene thanks to his genius sampling-production skills and business-minded mentality, both of which have given him longevity and sustained him in the game through the paving of his own lane!

-- Sa1loum on the Mic!, Recording Artist

I believe strongly that actions speak louder than words. TCustomz has already produced my complete debut album "The Phix", as well as numerous side projects, and I still look forward to collaborating with him in the coming years. It's only a matter of time before everyone in the music industry knows the name TCustomz.

-- TIROGLYPHIX, Recording Artist

I've followed TCustomz for quite a while and I've used his drums and they are superb, especially for the price. If you haven't checked this website out, you are more than slacking. is a definite go-to website for any producer/artist.

-- PrizeBeatz, Music Producer

I purchased a premium lease for the beat entitled 'No Way'. The beat was so precisely made it allowed me to make one of my most powerful tracks ever! A very talented Pixar video editor will take the lead on directing the music video for it. Your beat made something golden!

-- Amir "King Odin" Gombiner, A² Productions Inc.

Just bought TCustomz's new Vox Kit and Vol. 3 Drum Kit. Dope sounds! Couldn't ask for more!

-- Don Jarvis, FiveStar Beats

If you like TCustomz's beats, you better check his drumkits. Dope snares in there! And it's a good price relative to the other production drumkits you can buy.

-- ClueLess BeatZ, Music Producer

I love the beats by TCustomz because of their quality, good sound and nice mood. I've never met such a beatmaker who could make such cool beats other than famous producers. I also enjoy making beats using the TCustomz Drum Kit Vol. 2. All these kicks, snares, hats,... I can't convey how good they sound! I hope any serious rapper and beatmaker will be agree with me that we need such quality production and drum kits like TCustomz makes!

-- N. Sure, Music Producer

Though EP2B Free is probably the most slept on project in my discography, it remains a favorite amongst many of my close listeners. 'Customz provided the perfect backdrop for the lyrics me and Define delivered on that record. Socially conscience lyrics, over soulfully ill beats.

-- Haseeb, BAMN Recordings

I heard TCustomz beats online during the beat selection process for my mixtape and loved what I heard. The end result was 'Winner's Circle'. I've also got a couple of other beats from TCustomz that you will hear on my upcoming projects. I love the soulful beats that he produces.

-- International O, Flycat Music Group

TCustomz has the best beats out, I should have had him produce my whole album. He's the only sample-based producer I go to for new tracks.

-- Ogden Payne, Priceless Entertainment/Caretaker Productions

First off I wanna say that TCustomz has an incredible talent for making beats and a very good ear for music. I have listened to all of his material and have leased beats from him in the past and would recommend anyone that needs good quality production to definitely contact him for business. He has his own website which shows his professionalism -- that he is serious about his craft and is always updating his clients via email with newsletters about his new material. I would continue to do business with TCustomz anytime!

-- J. Rosario, Universal Music Group/Nu Mindz Entertainment